Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christ is born !

                                                            Joy ! Joy ! Joy ! 
                                                 Christmas is a time of Joy , Our Saviour is born .
The saints before us surely rejoiced in the Saviour's birth as our saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe would have done , celebrating with his confreres and reaching out to the world with the written word ,inspiring goodwill , peace amongst people.
Family is paramount at Christmas time, sharing feasts, gifts and company , so it should be,  with always the new born infant Jesus,  the centre and reason for our goodwill . Reality is many find Christmas and any major holiday a time of melancholy , stress, with no family or friends to share with, many families are broken , divided, where is the Prince of Peace for them ? The answer is He is there for them . Look and you will find Him! He is gazing at the lonely ones with such love in His eyes. He isn't oblivious to our troubles and suffering ,He is right there with us holding our hand , wiping away every tear. He came as the poorest not even a crib for a bed ,as the the beautiful carol proclaims.
Peace is for the taking, He is offering it to everyone without exception .
Remember Mama , so St. Maximilian called Our Lady , she in quiet joy and anticipation awaits Her Beloved , as the preface of Advent in the liturgy of the Mass tells us , she 'longed for Him with Love beyond all telling ' .
God Bless and peace in Christ !

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