Wednesday, August 5, 2015

St Maximilian and St Faustina

These two great saints of  Poland , through their spiritual legacy, left us in the 21st century, the charter of renewal for the Church in our times. This was ignited by that great saintly prophet of Poland, St John Paul II
The Divine Mercy and  consecration to the Immaculata are pillars of Heaven's invitation of renewal to the Church!!! Let us not be deaf  to this appeal from the dictates of God Almighty.

"O come Holy Spirit,through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary,let all Christians live their Baptismal consecration by immersing themselves in the Divine Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Eternal Father by the sorrowful Passion of Christ your Son, and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, deliver us from the seductions of the evil one, and let us place our hope in the Sacred Heart of your beloved Son, in whom we secure our salvation.
Immaculate Mother of God, St Joseph, St Michael and all the Heavenly company come to our aid and assist us with your powerful protection, that we may wash ourselves  constantly in the  Saving Blood and water of Jesus Christ Our Lord. "amen.

St Maximilian Kolbe, 2015.

Dear Reader,

Peace in Jesus and Mary.
I have neglected this blog, now I hope to regularly write few words, in order to promote the mission of the Immaculata.
First of all let us prepare to celebrate the Feast of St Maximilian Kolbe and the Assumption of Our Lady by renewing our consecration to the Holy Mother of God,and renewing our desire to advance the Kingdom of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

By going to Confession, attending  Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration, let us keep our souls in union with Our Lord.. Let us remember good spiritual reading; the Holy Bible , the catechism and lives of the Saints.
Let us do good works,( the corporal and spiritual works of mercy), to show our love for Christ and His Immaculate Mother.
Let us avoid sin especially, impurity, bad language, lying, and unkindness.
Let us remember moderation in our lifestyle, to assist the poor and remember to do penance for our sins and sins of the world.

Dear reader at "Our Garden of the Immaculate",here at Kellyville, we have all night adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the last Friday night before the last Saturday, in our Chapel of the Holy Innocents, beginning at 8pm. Adoration continues until the reparation Mass at 11 am. Please come if you are in the area. Console the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Love Mama

May for Mary

The month of May traditionally , and still in many parts of the world is dedicated to our heavenly Mother Mary , a reminder of her love for us and an opportunity to inflame our love for her and show our love by differing devotions and practices. In the Northern Hemisphere , spring is the season so flowers is popular in showing our love . Here in the Southern , winter , cold weather is our season, we still have flowers to offer with our prayers and devotion, but love is always inventive . Many a child , in innocent simplicity will adorn a beloved statue with piece of material , to warm the Mother . It maybe be childish from an adults point of view, but can you imagine how Our Holy Mother herself sees it . Our Beloved St Maximilian Kolbe called Our Lady , Mama  with the True simple Love of a innocent childlike heart. Dear Max , help us find and truly love our Mama.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Join the Militia of the Immaculata in Australia

Militia of the Immaculata in Australia

We have a youth militia Immaculata , with a good tight knit group , who joined the YMI in progression from the parish youth group , who meet regularly for prayers and spiritual instruction , under the guidance of a Franciscan Friar, encouraging devotion to Our Lady , under the heavenly patronage of St Maximilian Maria Kolbe. Films , Movies , guest speakers and engaging discussions make the meet up enjoyable , thought provoking and a help in life decisions. The group are firm friends and venture out after the meeting for some fun and food.
They meet at 7pm every 1st Saturday of the Month , beneath the Shrine of the Holy Innocents , 8 Greyfriar Lane Kellyville,
Come and See ! You are most welcome !

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pray for our Bishops and Priests

Newly appointed Bishop of Wilcannia /Forbes diocese is Rev Columba Macbeth Green OSPPE, a Pauline Father , before becoming a Pauline Father he was discerning a vocation with the conventual Franciscan friars , those that remember his time with the friars , remember his joyous outlook on life and his playing the bagpipes . God Bless Him on His New endeavour , may God be with all our Bishops and Priests , may they remember their role as servant and their unique honour as Christ's ambassador .