Saturday, May 17, 2014

May for Mary

The month of May traditionally , and still in many parts of the world is dedicated to our heavenly Mother Mary , a reminder of her love for us and an opportunity to inflame our love for her and show our love by differing devotions and practices. In the Northern Hemisphere , spring is the season so flowers is popular in showing our love . Here in the Southern , winter , cold weather is our season, we still have flowers to offer with our prayers and devotion, but love is always inventive . Many a child , in innocent simplicity will adorn a beloved statue with piece of material , to warm the Mother . It maybe be childish from an adults point of view, but can you imagine how Our Holy Mother herself sees it . Our Beloved St Maximilian Kolbe called Our Lady , Mama  with the True simple Love of a innocent childlike heart. Dear Max , help us find and truly love our Mama.

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