Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Memento homo

What a precious gift from God is the Lenten Season . Our loving Father God , each year , through the Church offers us a powerful reminder to take a good look at our lives, see where we are falling short of true Christian lives , to repent , make penances , 'get back on track ' so to speak. Beginning with Ash Wednesday , ashes created from palms collected and burnt from the previous year 's Palm Sunday , marked on everyone's forehead in the form of the cross, whilst hearing the words ,'repent and believe in the Gospel ', or ' remember man that you are dust and to dust you shall return'.
This world is not the end all of all, remember man, woman , child this world is temporary and your true home is with The Holy Trinity and the whole celestial court in Heaven.
So take this opportunity so neatly and conveniently laid open for you , the season of repentance , lent .'lent is bittersweet' quoted from Fr Anthony Zahra OFM Conv,
Bitter with denial of self, the struggle and effort to turn away from ways contrary to the teachings of the Church.
Sweet because every reconciliation is full of Joy , every turn towards God and the right path is lined with heavenly sweetness.

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