Friday, April 11, 2014

The week that changed the world

It's Holy Week , the most important week of the liturgical year. It begins with Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday, the Gospel for this Sunday gives us a the whole account from Jesus's betrayal to His crucifixion and death and His being laid to rest in a borrowed tomb. Palms decorate our churches , we hold them in our hands to realise in a symbolic but tangible way Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem , the people at that time were full of praise ,laying palms and their cloaks on the path before Jesus , who was riding a humble ass , a colt yet unridden , all rich with meaning , because God  does all things well, nothing is by chance, those that look deeper in all the significance of the words of the Bible will find a wealth of spirituality , a view of God that is meant to bring us closer to Him , to turn from selfish ways and surrender all to Him .On reflection I found when troubles of this life became overwhelming , I prayed and searched for a way out , in the most subtle voice of a well formed conscience, my God answered, what He did in the body of Jesus, the incarnation , the day to day grind of living as a human being and all the troubles and hardships , culminating in the humiliating death of torture by crucifixion, was our salvation , without His Blood shed, we would not be freed from our slavery to sin.We cannot escape difficulties and troubles in this life, but what Jesus did was show how to deal with it so it doesn't overcome us, entering in the suffering , praying about it , doing what is possible in the situation but leaving what we can't do to Him , Almighty God, we are no longer in conflict, but with peaceful resignation accept what only God knows will be and what good can come from what appears to us a disaster . Isn't He the Head and we the Body of the Church, isn't the body in harmony with the head in a human body, so with Him as Master and Guide we do as He does.

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