Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lenten reflection from Brother Louis

Dear MI members,

This Lent let us pray especially for Our Holy Father and the College of Bishops, especially here in Australia. They have a tremendous responsibility to guard the flock of Christ from error, as well as to make sure that the faithful are nourished with the truths of our Holy Faith , so all may know and love fully Our Lord Jesus Christ, and come to eternal salvation.

Our Lady warned at Fatima that the Holy Father would have to suffer much. Pope Benedict XVI recalled this reality during his pilgrimage to the the Shrine of Fatima. Pope Paul VI, warned the Church, that the smoke of Satan has entered the Sanctuary of God. What chilling words, but true. We look around and see that in so many parishes, schools, and religious houses, around the world, a diabolical disorientation has manifested its influence. We must pray, therefore, and do penance, for only the the help of Heaven will defeat this ailment that affects so many and causes many to lose the gift of faith or that drives the lost sheep into a deeper darkness.

Let us ask especially St Joseph, the spouse of Our Lady and defender of the Church to assist us in this battle. St Maximilian warned that modern times would give rise to the influence of Satan. We see this in our society and unfortunately within Catholic institutions, and amongst the clergy and religious. Our response must be grounded in the sure victory of Christ Our Saviour at Calvary and in the triumph of His Glorious Resurrection. Let us have confidence in the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Mother of God and St Joseph. Let us cry unto the Master with Peter," Save us Oh Lord for we are sinking" . Surely the Lord of Heaven and Earth will respond, the storm will be silent and the waves once again be calm, for the barque of Peter.

This Lent we must look at ourselves, and see that we do our best to grow in the virtues of Christ. Let us ask implore the Precious Blood through the confessional and our reception of the Blessed Eucharist, to cleanse us anew and strengthen us, our families and those whom are lost. Protect us Oh Precious Blood from the harm of the enemy. Let us trust in your power, Oh Blood of the Lamb .

M.I.s let us ask the Mother of Sorrows to intercede for us at the foot of the Cross. May our hearts receive fully the cleansing streams of Christ's Divine Mercy.

May we become more forgiving, patient and kind. May we assist the poor, those in need, and always defend the sanctity of life, and of marriage. May the Lord grant us purity of heart and willingness to unite ourselves in our sufferings with his Sacred Passion , especially for the Church and the clergy .Give us courage, Oh Jesus, and strengthen us ! Bless and protect your beloved priests.

Let us pray for our Bishops that they will be men of courage to refute error and to forget popularity and political correctness. May they truly be open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and be of one mind with the Vicar of Christ. May the Holy Liturgy be celebrated in our Churches with due reverence, so the streams of Divine Mercy may strengthen the People of God. May our priests teach the fullness of truth from the pulpit . May our religious Brothers and Sisters be witnesses to Chris'st truth in their apostolates. May these intentions come before the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. May the Immaculata, and St Joseph, help us to truly grow in Christ this Lent. Mary our Mother and Queen, let us do the Father's will, with the total surrender of her Immaculate Heart.

God love you- Br Louis Mary OFM Conv.

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