Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week with our Sorrowful Mother

Dear MIs,

May our Blessed Mother lead us all, as we live and work and pray this Holy Week.

May You Immaculata, prepare our hearts to receive the gift of Your Son, the Son of the Father, in His Most Holy Body and Blood, in the upper room, as He offers Himself in atonement for the our sins and the sins of the whole world.

Help us to pray for the successors of the Apostles who received the most profound gift of the priesthood of Christ.

Immaculata, watch over your beloved sons who continue the priestly work of your Son. Strengthen them . Save those who betray your Son and their noble vocation. Mother. save those fallen sons who scourge the Church with their infidelity and immorality. Those who surrender their priesthood for the silver pieces of popularity, comfort and pleasure!

Immaculata lead us to the silent darkness of the garden that we may comfort our Lord in His agony. May we comfort Him with our love, devotion and fidelity. May we not sleep and neglect our duties toward Him and neighbour.

Immaculata lead us to" behold the the Man" in His trial and scourging.Oh, Immaculata may we comfort those who suffer today, those who are scourged by others cruelty, hatred and neglect! May we be sorry for those times we have crowned Christ, with the thorns of our lies, our failings and weaknesses that we have indulged. For we have sourged Our Saviour with our cruellty towards others. Oh Immaculata, pray that we may feel true sorrow.

I see in Your eyes, Oh Mother ,only compassion and encouragement. Teach us to follow your Son! Sorrowful Mother, lead us along the the way of sorrows to follow the Lamb of God as He carries our failures and sins upon His Shoulders. Oh Mother, He is carrying the Cross because of my sins, He is suffering because of me. Yet You only lead me on with your loving embrace and say " Behold I am the handmaiden of the Lord be it done unto me according to His Will".

Immaculata lead us to the Cross to stand with You and John. Hold us, Mary, that we may not be frightened by the voices that scoff at Christ and mock him. Those who deny Christ and His teachings through His Church! Mother may we share in your courage. You are the Woman of Genesis and Revelation. Now the serpent's head is crushed by your Son, whom You brought into the world. May we not run away from the Cross, in our lives and in the the Church.

Oh Mother with You and John, we hear our Lord's words .."Father forgive them..............Behold your Mother............It is finished." Mary you remind us "Do whatever He tells you".

Immaculata teach us to live these words, with trust in the victory of your Sons' Precious Blood. Help us each day to defeat the enemy, with trust in Jesus. Teach us to be open to the Holy Spirit who inflames your Immaculate Heart, oh Mary, Mother let us kneel with you, and allow the Water and Blood, flowing from the Sacred Heart of Your Son, to wash over our souls and strengthen us in the sacraments.

Mother, as the world runs away from your Son, may we remain and believe with the centurion
" Truly He is the Son of God". Immaculata ,we are with You, as your Son is laid in the tomb.You are in grief and silence. Let us treasure silence particularly in Our Churches. May the world come to adore the King of Kings as He awaits in our Churches in the Blessed Sacrament. May Our Churches be the Father's Houses of prayer.

Oh Mother, pray with us , help us to pray when we experience the Holy Saturdays of our lives. Help us always to live in the Hope of your Son. You trust in Him, you know that He will keep His promise"I am the Resurrection and the Life". Mother, how many times when I go through sufferings, I lose hope. I forget that Jesus will be victorious in my life if I surrender to Him. Mother, you surrendered to the Father's Will. Teach me O Immaculata, to surrender, to trust and be patient.......... patience and trust..............patience and trust.....................patience and trust................ surrender!

Rejoice Oh Mary!! Alleluia!!!! Up from the grave He arose, the Lord of Lords , the King of Kings! You embrace Your Risen Son. Oh Immaculata ,may the joy of that reunion fill me with hope and allow my heart always to be a sanctuary of Your Risen Son. Our Risen Lord who has conquered Satan and death.

The Risen Lord beckons me to eternal glory . He comes to me in the Blessed Eucharist and says
" Be not afraid." May my eyes be opened to You Lord, and recognise You, in union with Your Mother who never doubted, never denied or betrayed you but followed, stood, knelt and surrendered.

Immaculata, pray for me, Mother Of Sorrows, Mother of Joy, pray for me, now and at the hour of death. Amen

Br Louis Mary OFM Conv

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