Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prayers to Our Lady During Suffering or IIlness

Dear Mother of all who are sick

and unhappy, you love me and

you are sad to see me suffer.

You would clasp me to yourself

as you would have clasped your

Son, but it is my suffering just

as his was his own to bear.

Your love does ease my pain,

my frustration, and it brings

me closer to you.

I rest a little child in your love.

One day we shall be even

closer together, truly together

in Heaven.

Bless me, Mary!

Dear Mother, I know you realise

what I’m suffering for you shared

in the far deeper agony of your Son.

You suffered surely as no woman

has suffered because you loved so

much, yet you accepted it because

you knew the blessings it would bring.

You never lost your faith.

You were brave; help me to be brave.

by Geoffrey Adamson SJ [As published in the MI Crusader, Aust, 2007; taken from The Crusader: the Magazine of the Crusade of Mary Immaculate UK, May 2006]

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