Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christ the King

This feast closes the liturgical year and is as a synthesis of the entire salvific mystery
His Kingdom is a kingdom of servitude, love, peace, truth, life, holiness, grace and justice. He must reign in our lives , minds, wills and actions, drawing others into the kingdom by our total submission and desire of Christ, being love for others, revealing the face of the humble King to those that are in our lives.
Christ as King being first  recognized  by a fellow condemned criminal in his request, ' Jesus remember me when You come into Your Kingdom ', was rewarded with a promise of Paradise with Him that very day. Jesus in His abundance of generosity gave this thief more then he could dream of because he saw the majesty of Christ the King in a broken, suffering , condemned and dying criminal on the cross.
Such is Christ the King that they that believe and honour Him with sincere hearts are shown love infinitum.

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