Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Gift for Jesus

In some nations the feast of the epiphany of The Lord is when gifts are exchanged, as the three kings came to adore the infant King and bring Him gifts, gold for royalty, a gift for a king. Frankincense a gift offered to the Holy, myrrh to embalm the dead, offered for His burial , that the three kings knew the significance of their gifts we don't know, but it makes us think what worthy gift can I offer the King. The holy family would have appreciated these gifts and used them as necessary and appropriate  , but as Jesus is the King of the universe and God Almighty in perfect unity with the Trinity what can we offer ? He provides for us daily, yet in a humble childlike manner offering what he has given us is commendable. We offer ourselves, family , possessions, work , thoughts, joys, actions, dreams etc.
Let us always look to the Virgin Mary, His only Mother, His True loving Mother and first of all the disciples.She offered everything, nothing was held back from Him who had given her everything. When we look at the Immaculata we see a soul spotless , made in the image of God with no stain or blemish . Mary's soul was a pristine immaculate mirror reflecting perfectly the infinite Love of God. That is the best gift we could give a heavenly King, our Creator and our Saviour. God beckons , His mercy reaches out to us though His gift of Reconciliation , He encourages us to offer Him this ultimate gift to be pure and sinless in His presence , in imitation of our heavenly Mother Mary. Yes we are made of dust , we fall numerous times, are weak and have many faults and inclinations unworthy of God, still God calls us, tells us we can do it ! Strive to be the perfect gift to God , why do we doubt God , how can we not believe God's Words and encouragement in every line of the bible. The saints had no doubts concerning God , they believed in His Omnipotence , trusting even if standing on the precipice of hell. Contemplating Our Lady and the Saints where did they gain this trust ? The invincible desire to serve God even to the point of a martyr's end. In a nutshell , Love.
God loves us, He always has , why else did He create us each individually as we are if not because He already Loved us before creation , but to be a spotless soul , a pristine mirror reflecting His Love, the perfect gift,  we must Love , begun by searching for Jesus, looking for Him everywhere  , in His Word, the bible , prayer, in music, spiritual reading, in nature, in encounters with people , in the day to day of family life and so on. Until you find Him, Jesus , when you find Him you also find you have fell in love with Him, then you can only be a pure soul , because all your desires rest in Him, to turn from Him in sin would cause such sorrow it would never be repeated.
We must remember, yes we are limited in who we are, but God is infinite and we aspire to Him, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, we forget ourselves and our limitations , we'll find ourselves near Him, in Him, forever in love.

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