Friday, January 31, 2014

St Maximilian Kolbe , pray for us

                               ' No greater love has a man then to lay down his life for a friend '

St Maximilian lived this, he gave his life for a friend who was also a stranger but to St Maximilian a person created in the image of God.
St Maximilian is a Hero of our times, a Champion of Christ, a shining Knight and humble servant of the Queen of Heaven.
He wore the two crowns given by Our Lady herself with heroic faithfulness even to his last act of charity in the starvation bunker when he forgave the doctor/executioner who gave him a lethal injection.
Spiritually he wore the white crown of purity, with a heart , soul , mind and body untarnished by the sins of this world and filled wholeheartedly with love of God and Our Lady and a driven zeal to spread the Gospel for the love of man .
Spiritually he wore the red crown of martyrdom , in the long hard years of ill health, travel in harsh conditions , a burning desire to bring all to Christ by devotion to the Handmaid of God , through the media of the times , newspapers , magazines  , establishing working cities of our Lady filled with hundreds of like minded friars , praying and touching an unknown number of souls ,inspiring a true love of God and Our lady, culminating in his sacrificial death .
He became in death a example for us and for all times calling us to follow Christ .
What Joy was his when in closing his eyes in death opened them to the glories of Heaven  and eternal peace in the bosom of God.

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